Wedges And Outfits: Making The Grade

High Low Dress and Wedges

There are a wide array of shoes that women can choose from nowadays. You can have high-heeled shoes, sandals, flats, sports shoes, or wedges. Wedges are quite trendy, unique and classy looking so that you can combine with your favorite outfit or other types of clothes you have in your wardrobe. However, not all women would like to have wedges, but you might be surprised at the advantages wedges can provide for petite, shorter or even slightly large women.

Do fashion designers include wedges in their collection?

Most fashion designers include wedges in their collection, although, Manolo Blahnik does not follow the same rules….He chooses to exclude wedges from his collection. Every fashion designer is different from the manner they design their shoes in which they pay a lot of attention to details. And so, when they make wedges, they see to it that they are made almost perfect with various colors and styles to select from.

What are the types of wedges?

There are different types of wedges you may select from as well as various styles, colors, sizes and many more. Additionally, numerous wedges have average heel heights, others have high heels and a few of them are flats. Some of the designs are unique and some use a kind of medieval-era type inspiration.

Advantages of wearing wedges

• Shows the elongated shape of the legs and body structure

• Makes the wearer look slimmer

• They have a fashionable and classy appearance

• Wedges are not difficult to walk in

• You can mix and match them with various clothing

• The feet themselves may look slimmer and sexy

What are the right combinations of clothes with wedges?

Skirts & Dresses

High Low Dress and Wedges
You can wear a short or long dress with wedges as well as the up-skirt. Just don’t combine formal wear with wedges and those pencil cut skirts.

Short Pants

It is highly fashionable to put on shorts with your wedges. If you wear both of these, you will have a strong appeal and exceptional look. You can wear them every day, in fact.

Summer and Winter Clothes

Both summer and winter clothes can work together with wedges. Although, there are a wide variety of footwear during summer season like slippers, sandals, sneackers but wearing wedges is also applicable. When winter season comes, you can also wear wedges particularly those wedge boots or booties to keep your feet warm and cozy.

Jeans or Pants

If you wear flared or wide bottom type jeans and match them with wedges then you will surely look amazing since it will make your figure look elongated especially those women with wide hips. Do not combine narrow bottom or straight cut leg jeans with wedges instead choose boot wedges to maximize the length of your legs. You get the best of both worlds in style and comfort.


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