The Top 7 Spring/Summer Handbag for 2014

Celine Summer Spring Bag

Is there a better way of celebrating a change of season than changing your style? Change of season means change of style. You should not just focus on the fashion and hairstyle but as well as pay attention to your bags, particularly handbags. SS14 brought numerous ranges of new styles of handbags. To help you in choosing, we’ve selected the top seven handbag trends of the season.

1. Floral Clutch

Floral Alexander McQueen Clutch

Spring is synonymous with rebirth and new beginning. It is definitely the time for a new start, flowers begin to bloom and trees are starting to grow some leaves again. Why not try to add extra flourish on your outfit? Pick a flower clutch that fits with your style. And because you would like to stay fresh all summer, this floral clutch will stay fashionable.

2. Sport Luxe

Prada Luxe Bag

If you’re always on the go and you are anxious about your style, you don’t have to worry anymore. Sport Luxe is a combination of the sporty with a touch of classy vibe. It captures the energy and power of a sportswear, but it also has the classy touch. You can always be on the go, at the same time, always looking good and stylish.

3. Dazzling Shoulder Bag

Mulberry Spring Summer Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag is considered as one of the “must haves” in every girl’s wardrobe. It became monotonous in the past but now it’s finally back! SS14 made its comeback with brighter colors, chic neutrals and contemporary nautical themes. Be dazzled with some shimmer and glow effects of trendy shoulder bags!

4. Stylish Backpack

Chanel Backpack

Being one of the most popular trends in the SS14 runway is really something to look forward to. Who says that backpacks are only for children and their lunchboxes? Say your goodbyes now to Disney-adorned backpacks because SS14 modernized these backpacks. With modern, elegant, and very stylish designs by Philip Lim, Chanel, and The Row, who would resist wearing them?

5. Modern Clutch

Michael Kors Clutch Bag

Now here comes a bigger clutch and they are amazingly good enough in styling. These slouchy sacks with bright colors and summery textiles are worthy enough to have a place in your collection. Now you have enough room for your beauty essentials when going out.

6. Bags with Prints

Prada Pop Art Print

Your outfit shouldn’t be the only one responsible in making you stand out. If it can’t, then your handbag can! Pop art prints are cool addition to your summer/spring bag collection. Other designers are trying to put this trend into new dimension but there are some who choose to put twist to their handbags by just simply playing with these eye-catching prints. You should always have fun in fashion and this style is a great reminder for it.

7. Fun Shapes and Colors

Celine Summer Spring Bag

This season means accentuating the real you in everything you wear. Worrying about going too much? Well, geometric shapes and patterns provide enough to show the real you without being too much. Try to mix and match with Celine’s great bag choices and you’ll realize that this style is something to look forward to. The combination of color blocking and shapes is really awesome.

Different handbags offer different ways of updating your style. Aside from designer handbags, you can always opt for a cheaper yet trendy version.


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