Fashion Guide: The Summer Scarf Remix


You’ve worn your summer scarf in the traditional scarf-wearing style enough times already. Sure, it looks great—it’s light, breezy, and it subtly accents your outfit…but we think you should think outside the box—or…neck region in this case. That’s right, ladies: it’s time for a summer scarf REEEEMIIIIIXXXX!!! <insert record scratches> We’ve come up with four fun and creative ways for you to remix the summer scarf, and some tips on how to do it best:

1.)    Rock it as a headband: You could go solid-colored or printed. You could wrap your hair up in retro-chic fashion or leave it down, Bohemian-style. You could use it to accent your makeup, your jewelry, or your outfit; or you could let it be a bold and funky statement on its own. Either way, it always looks feminine, and it always looks beautiful. This is best for shorter scarves.


  2.)    Turn it into a bustier: Take a bold-colored and preferably printed long scarf and wrap it around like a bustier. Be careful to secure it with strong knots and throw in a strapless bra underneath for added support. Pair it with a high-waist skirt for a more sophisticated look. For a breezy summer look, pair it with denim shorts, linen pants, or a long, flowing skirt.


  3.)    Wear it as a belt: Why not ditch the usual black/brown belt this summer and swap it for something with a bit more flair? For your pants and shorts, just loop your scarf the belt-loops and tie it at the side. For skirts and dresses, you have even more creative control in finding the most flattering place to cinch your waist with a splash of color. scarfbelt

4.)    Wrap it as a halter top: This is basically a longer version of the scarf-bustier, so you’ll need a longer scarf. Once again, tie very secure knots and add a strapless bra and/or create a halter that wraps around the back of your neck for added support. Choose fun prints, bright colors, and silky fabrics for best results with your summer scarf ideas.



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