Summer Dresses – What’s Fashionable this Season?

Summer Floral Prints

Say hello to summer with a nice summer dress that will fit you flawlessly. Here are some fashionable tips on how to stand out in the crowd when wearing summer dresses.

Summer Colors

Mint Summer Dresses

Hot colors for this season are pastels and mint. They are the color of spring, and still the color of summer. Pastel colors make your outfit bright and colorful while giving emphasis to the tanned skin we all want!

Pastel Pink – Aiming for that romantic girly look? You don’t have to look anywhere. Wear pastel pink! It screams class and chic, and of course, an easy color to wear.

Mint – You’re not a pink person? Then, mint is for you! It’s perfect for a fun hang-out with your friends or maybe, a date in the beach.

Color Blocking – It’s time to forget about the powerful colors and embrace the pastel colored-blocked dress.


Lovely Prints

Summer Floral Prints

Who says prints are boring? Ever had the problem of dressing or accessorizing yourself? Well, prints are definitely for you!

Geometrical Prints – Wanting to stand out in the crowd with being so bold? Then, a geometrical print is for you! Stripes, dots and curves are good combination when being put together.

Floral – Raise your hand if you’re the girly girl who loves floral patterns! You don’t have to worry anymore of being out of style because floral prints are still IN! It makes your look more romantic and at the same time, sharp and chic.

Stripes – Looking for that classic and modern style combination? Then, stripes are really for you! It gives you that clean and fresh look that anyone would love. If you are aspiring for more color, try the nautical striped dress. It certainly is IN style. Celebrities even wear them.


Stylish Summer Dresses

Summer Sweet Lace Dress

We’re already done with the colors and prints. What’s next now is to know what the type of dress to wear is. This summer’s trend gives the vibe of being romantic and edgy but still making our wardrobes fresh and fun.

Maxi – Maxi dresses are not only for the beach nowadays. It is chic and glamorous that fits perfectly for any summer event.

Slip Dress – Slip dresses are often thought as night-time lingerie but it’s a NOT this time! Instead, it is a luxurious slip dress. Just keep in mind that you should be careful in wearing it if you don’t like to look like you just got out of bed and choose the event carefully since some people may think that you are underdressed if you are going to a more formal event. To maintain an edge of class if you are unsure of the event, then consider an embroidered shawl or longer scarf in case you need to add some dimension to your wardrobe.

Lace – Let’s go for romantic, let’s go for laces! This summer is time for the reinvented lace dress. Reinvented, as in a sexier, stylish, and definitely looks more amazing, lace dress. Lace is growing in popularity because of its unique design and its sexiness level. With hints of see-through options, black lace, and traditional lace that have been reserved for lingerie have come full circle into the mainstream and appearing on dresses and many other items.

Bohemian Chic – Combine laces, prints, colours, designs, cut-outs and you’ll have bohemian chic inspired dress! Just hanging out with your girlfriends? Go with the bohemian chic style, pair it with Louboutin flats and you’ll definitely be on the go.

Statement Dresses – Be brave. That’s the main goal of statement dresses. Wearing it means having those gentlemen keep their eyes on you!

Remember, there are plenty of affordable summer dresses, so choose a from a range of summer dresses, so that you can find some summer dresses that suit your style as well as your budget. No matter what trend and style you choose with your summer dresses, remember that you should always have fun. Summer without fun is not summer at all!


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