Ralph and Russo Fall/Winter 2014

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Fashion Week RALPH & RUSSO Paris Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2014-15


The Ralph & Russo Fall/Winter Collection for this year is nothing short of pure elegance. This runway recap of the Ralph and Russo Fall/Winter debut during the 2014 Fashion Week in Paris is a slow, and graceful example of the brilliant use of lace, rich hues, and elongated skirts. It begins by hinting that it could be a bridal show with the first few dresses appearing as white, beige, or taupe. Donned with hundreds of sparkling crystals, the opening dress is an Audrey Hepburn inspired, silver cocktail dress with a stiff shoulder cap and knee length hemline.

Following this show stopper is a longer floor length, see-through dress complete with sleeves. Three off-white dresses are also in this first on the runway group of wear; one is strikingly composed of full piece lace, and the other two are cream colored floor length gowns. Well-crafted intricate jacket slung casually over the models arms added to the sophisticated but laid back style of the Ralph and Russo Fall/Winter line.

The next group of dresses is uniquely designed with creative silhouettes. Most notably are the bottom portion of the garments in 0:53 – 1:10, with extending curves and looping around the legs Ralph & Russo have created artistic lines and shapes. The video comes to a close with an awe-inspiring wedding gown, hanging down to the floor and covering most of the runway. This silver gown has what appears to be a tulle skirt and train. The top is a sleeved, and transparent with a plunging neckline that meets with a beautiful off-white belt.

Five male models quickly hop on stage to help place this large train behind the model. Upon her exit we get a first-class view of the veil, light decorated with a floral pattern, this cathedral veil is stunning. This collection emphasized sultry colors and modern wedding grace.

Watch this stunning Ralph and Russo Fall/Winter Video Now:


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