Get Perfect Eyebrows


Let’s admit it. Our eyebrows can make a huge difference in our appearance. They can change our entire look within an instant. Have you ever really noticed the difference before and after you have had your eyebrows done? Well, if you haven’t really stopped to notice, you may want to take a before and after picture to witness the obvious transformation.

It doesn’t matter how PERFECT your makeup looks or how LAID your hair is; if  your eyebrows are looking disheveled then that is all people will notice, and remember and you certainly don’t want to be remembered for your horrible eyebrows.

Some of us are blessed with perfect eyebrows and there isn’t much grooming required but if you are among the rest who have less than perfect eyebrows, or unruly eyebrows then you will definitely need to get them groomed. You do not need to be an eyebrow expert to shape and groom your brows properly for perfect eyebrows. All you need are the right set of tools and an easy to follow set of instructions. There are different ways in grooming and shaping perfect eyebrows and each individual may have his/her own specific routine but always stick to the routine which is best suited for your eyebrows and your level of expertise.

Things you will need:

  • Tweezers
  • Spoolie (A brush resembling a mascara wand)
  • Angled brush
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • Concealer
  • Primer


The most common eyebrow complaint is “my eyebrows are too thin” and then is due to excessive tweezing, a bad eyebrow wax job or eyebrow threading gone wrong. Not to worry though because you can transform your eyebrows from drab to fab in just a few simple steps.




1. Apply primer to your eyebrows, this will prevent any products which you use to fill your brows from leaving your face too quickly.

2. Using a spoolie brush brows in place. A spoolie brush is similar to a mascara wand.

3.  If there are any stray hairs remove them with a tweezer.

4.Use an eyebrow pencil which is the same shade as your brow to draw a defined line at the bottom of your brow and at the top also.

5. Use the spoolie to lightly brush through brows blending out any harsh lines. The goal is to make your brows look natural.

6. DEFINITION TIME!! Apply a small amount of concealer to the angled brush and draw a sharp line at the bottom and at the top of your eyebrows. You are basically tracing the shape at the bottom and top of the brows. Blend out the concealer at the bottom of the brow by dragging the brush downwards untill the concealer is blended seamlessly. Do the same at the top, except you will be dragging the brush upwards. This step helps to highlight and further define your eyebrows giving it that sharp look.

7. Some people like to add a brow shadow to ensure that there are no harsh lines. This step is optional as long as you complete step 5.


VOILA!! Perfect eyebrows in less than five minutes. If you don’t get it the first time keep trying until you have mastered the art of perfect eyebrows. It takes a little practice to achieve perfect eyebrows, but once there, you will have the looks to capture anyone’s attention.



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