@ParisHilton Foam And Diamonds Party

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Paris Hilton is back in action for another Foam and Diamonds Party summer season in Ibiza. The heiress is totally mixing some killer new tracks and beats and fans from all over the world are making sure to get a chance of catching the now professional DJ at the Foam and Diamonds party. Not only is she working as a DJ on tour, but she continues to produce new tracks, with her most recent single “Come Alive”

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Paris is totally a jetsetter traveling all over the world doing shows and doing business on the side to ensure that her multi-tasking roles as a businesswoman and DJ stay on the up and up. Not only is she extremely talented, but she is drop-dead gorgeous and stays up to beat on the latest fashion. You know if Paris wears it, it is in-style, and totally rad :)

Her Foam and Diamonds Party @AmnesiaIbiza is an awesome party where you may “Come Alive.” If you can’t make it to Ibiza, you can download the new tune from iTunes at: https://t.co/WjfV87aTXb

Or if you want to stay up to beat on all the babes hits and moves, join her channel! http://bit.ly/1flbimN + And download her app free: http://bit.ly/1lrGwOg or visit ParisHilton.com for all the goodies!

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