Summer Suits For Men — What Suits You Best?

Summer Suits for Men

In the ideal world, we may think that summer is spent mostly by having vacations, partying all day and night, and non-stop adventures. That may be true for some but for most, especially for the working men, it is exactly the opposite. We follow the same routine when working, be it summer or any season, so summer is definitely a normal season. No parties, no adventures, no vacations. That it why it’s important to prepare with a new line of summer suits.

Trends do come and go but there is one item that never left. The item that we’re referring is none other than the “men’s suit”.

Summer Suits for Men

It is one thing that can be considered as staple clothing found in men’s wardrobe. Whether worn in the office, formal meeting, date, or even party, the summer suits are a definite must-have and must-keep for men out there! In order to help the gentlemen keep their style and cool in check, here are some options for men’s suit this summer.

Feel free to mix and match the following men’s suit for summer!

•           Beige two-button suit along with dark blue or grey dress shirt.

A great way to welcome the summer heat is by having a lightweight wool beige suit. It’s perfect to keep your cool and as well as to maintain your style. To enhance the lightness of the suit, you may add a dark printed shirt along with a maroon tie.

•           White and navy seersucker suit along with white or light blue shirt.

Seersucker is considered a must-have in every man’s collection. Not just because of its appearance but also because it is held away from the skin when worn, thus, facilitating heat dissipation and air passage. It is certainly perfect for this season. Match it with a white or light blue shirt together with a striped tie.

•           Light grey double-button suit along with white or light blue shirt.

Aiming for that formal and conservative yet fashionable suit? Well, it seems that double-button suit is for you. Since it is summer, light colors definitely fits the season. Choose a light grey double-button suit, and then partner it with white or light blue shirt. Complete your look with a dark blue tie.

•           Navy two-button suit along with check shirt.

Navy suit is something you can wear any season. It allows you to wear most of the colored or tailored shirts already mentioned here. To complete your summer look, wear it with white or blue check shirt.

 •           Olive two-button suit along with white shirt.

Grey and navy are the usual colors of suit worn by men. Olive suit is something that is not-so-usual yet stylish that can be an alternative this summer. You should let others focus on your suit so your whole look should appear as neutral as possible. To achieve that, you can try complementing your summer suits with white shirt and dark silk tie.

To fully enjoy summer while wearing a suit, stick to light materials such as wool, linen, and cotton. These materials promote ventilation that everyone needed during the summer heat. Your comfort should always be the priority when looking for clothes to wear and summer suits are perfect.


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