Lingerie Styles The Make Him Squirm


Are you ready for some intimate lingerie styles shopping? Here are some ideas that may help you in deciding what lingerie styles to buy that will enhance the different parts of your body.

Babydolls and Camisoles

Sexy BabyDoll

These are perfect choices if you are conscious about your stomach and thighs. These lingerie styles are attached with a loose-fitting skirt so it avoids clinging in your stomach. Opt for the empire waist babydoll which will still show a lot of leg. Both styles are made up of different kinds of materials. You can choose how transparent and how thin it will be.  Darker colors give more slimming effect. It can also provide the “bad girl” vibe that men find sexy!



Corsets give you the extra lift needed to accentuate your cleavage, as well as the other curves of your body. Black is the preferred color for the fair-skinned while white is for the more tan-skinned among these lingerie styles. If you can’t decide whether you’ll have black or white, try wearing something red. Your man’s eyes will surely be all over you. Sprinkle a bit of shimmer powder over your cleavage and breast to attract more attention.



Teddies cover the torso and crotch part in one garment. It is the one that looks like a bodysuit among the various lingerie styles. The difference is that teddies are more sheer and looser. Since these cover the upper part, the attention is drawn to the legs. If you want to accentuate your legs, teddies are for you. Try wearing it with stockings as it also enhance your asset. Apply some leg shine lotion or baby oil to your legs to make it shimmer.

Matching sets with garter belts


These lingerie styles are mostly used by taller women. Not only does it show off the stomach but also gives emphasis on the long legs. If you have small breasts, go for push-up bras to give extra lift. If you want the attention to be on your legs, go for the light material bra that simply holds your breasts in place.

Everyone has their own insecurities and flaws. No matter what those are, it shouldn’t be the reason to be afraid in flaunting your inner goddess and showing off what you have. Confidence and learning how to appreciate oneself are the keys in comfortably wearing lingerie. To be able to show off that sexy vibe, one must first feel sexy. Sexiness is not just about dressing up, showing off skin. With lingerie underneath those working clothes, women can always feel sexy.


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