Hottest Trends from London Menswear Fashion Week 2014


London Men’s Fashion Week kept the crowd sizzling each day. The exhibition was full of energy, youthfulness, and a boundless fashion sense. This fashion event was the fifth with a series of successful bi-annual gatherings. Among the major sponsors were Burberry and Tom Ford.

Most women were bedazzled by hot guys in the ramp. Manly clothing, sexy apparels, gorgeous bodies, killer smiles, new trends… name it, London Men’s Fashion Week has it.

The event will definitely set a new trend while reviving some of our old favorites. Let’s welcome this season’s blazing treat for everyone:

1. Boot-cut Jeans
Fashion is like history, it repeats itself. Let’s thank the Topman Design for bringing this casual-to-formal style back in action. Men can be more comfortable with their boots with these kinds of jeans showcasing a slight flared bottom.

bootcut jeans: TOPMAN Design: Runway -  London Collections: Men SS15

2. Just a Little Bondage
While women are used to revealing more skin than men, Craig Green is now promoting a sexier approach to men’s clothing. It’s not about showing six-packed abs or biceps.

Craig Green 2

3. Modern Suits
Formal colors won’t be outdates. But here comes a fresher design and cleaner cut courtesy of Alexander McQueen. The broad colors, contrasting shades, geometrical prints, tricky checkered, color blocking and leather suits demand more than a second look.

Modern Suit

4. Striking Shades
Younger men prefer completing their outfit with a pair of sunnies. This spring/summer accessory does not only enhance facial features but also serves are wind and heat protectors.


5. Knots instead of Ties
Here’s something new to blend into your handsome suit – cravat. Double or single knots add a hint of being laidback to your modern outfit. You’ll get the best of both worlds.

Knotted Scarf

There are many other models and designer collections worthy of your time from this season’s London Menswear Fashion Week. Sooner or later, you’ll see your local celebrities sporting the same look as these hot male models.


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