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What’s big in fashion this fall and winter? Let’s talk about the latest Serkan Cura Paris Haute Couture Show to find out!

If you guessed corset style bodices, feathery figures, dramatic beaded necklines, or Serkan Cura Uniques, you would be correct!

As fashion lovers from around the world gathered for the Fall/Winter show, they were greeted with lots of metallic corset tops and dresses meant to flatter a woman’s curves. Silver beat out gold for the most common metallic this year in Serkan Cura’s line, but other fun colors like iridescent greens and bright neon yellows appeared also.

Feathers were also a huge trend in the show. Actual feathers, not prints, formed many glamorous skirts, shoulder pads, pants, and lined many of those distinctly designed corsets. One stunning dress was covered in magnificent white feathers, and the neckline spread out on the model like a swan’s wings! Who wouldn’t want to look like a beautiful swan!  Way to rock it Serkan Cura.

The last big trend was a dramatic neckline. If you’ve ever seen the glamorous layered necklaces of Cleopatra or the famous African tribal queen necklaces, you’ll have an idea of the luxurious looking bling that fashion guru, Serkan Cura’s models were rocking.

Fashion Week SERKAN CURA Paris Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2014-15

Of course, couture is never found in stores in the same splendor as on the runway, but adaptations of these designs will soon be flooding the markets. Lovely layered necklines, feathered bodices, and corset tops and dresses will be all over the red carpet, and could be in your closet soon too! Keep an eye out for these fabulous fashions that should be showing up in stores this fall!

Watch the video to find out more:


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