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Let Tiffany give you the low-down on the best fashion news and trends in this short highlight video covering the last week in the Fashion Industry. Some of the visuals you will see are highlights including Blake Lively, who has received plenty of media coverage over the last few months with her amazing fashion-wear, and the latest news is all about her new web page that is launching! To hear more, click the link and watch the video.

In other news, there is already discussion about the New York Fashion Week to be held September 3rd in New York, and the changes that will be taking place to provide a Men’s only line so that the male fashion designers are able to get their lines better exposed since they have been missing the cut when it comes to fast-forward fashion. It is an event that hopes to showcase the best fashion news and trends.

It seems like more and more fashion lines are bringing their products to the net, and with the new site, Calvin Klein is offering some of their products. To learn more, make sure to watch the video and see the best fashion news and trends.

Also in the news, Michael Kors, one of the more mainstream icons of fashion has been working with the United Nation’s World Food Program to bring warm drinks and meals to starving children across the globe. His fashion line does plenty of humanitarian work, and this is just another example of the work done by this fashion brand.

To top it all off, Gisele Bündchen, one of the world’s hottest models, has raked in over 45 million dollars over the last year, so it just goes to show that our industry is hip, and happening, with plenty of action just around the corner. Check out Fashion One on Youtube for past Fashion Frontline Videos or search our page for the best fashion news and trends.

Fashion Frontline Season 3 Episode 54


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