Dress Up The Taylor Swift Way

Taylor Swift Hair

Do you want to dress up and look like your most admired country-pop singer and Grammy winner Taylor Swift? Take a closer look at her style and see how to look sweet and simple, yet gorgeous like her. Get inspired on her outfits and master the way she dresses up.

  • Her makeup. Taylor Swift is known for her adorable cat-shaped eyes, blond and curly hair, and red lipstick. Taylor loves to wear red lipstick and red is her favorite color. If she’s lazy to put on her makeup, just a red lipstick and an eye-liner to highlight her cat-shaped eyes can do. That’s how simple she is. She keeps her look natural and simple. And the best thing is her captivating smile that brightens her aura.

Taylor Swift Makeup

  • Her hair. Taylor’s naturally blond and curly hair is also one of her signature looks. She is best described as fearless towards her attitude in her hair. From classic to wavy looks, to braided style, Taylor Swift is being admired for her effortless hairstyle.

Taylor Swift Hair

  • Her outfit. Taylor Swift is being admired for her playful sense of style when it comes to her outfits. This America’s good girl is fond of wearing sundresses like skirts, floral romper, crop top and summery pastel outfits. As a country girl, she loves wearing jeans too. She pairs it with light color tees. She also wears tanks and baby doll shirts. On winter days, she wears leggings, jackets or trench coats. Her formal outfit usually comes with semi-formal dresses paired with her favorite fashion accessories – bags.

Taylor Swift Dress Up

  • Her shoes. Taylor Swift loves to indulge on shoes also. On her country girl outfit, she usually pairs it with cowgirl boots. On her summer outfits, she usually wears it with flats. And on her formal wears, she dresses up with high heels. Check out the above image showing her different outfits.

Hope you have caught up Taylor Swift’s fashion style and can get creative to make some of your own Taylor Swift outfits.


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