Danny Tabet New York Fashion Week

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The Lebanese designer Danny Tabet’s unique and luxurious garments are the center of the New York Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2014-15. Each remarkable piece is glamorous, eclectic and a remarkable study in design elegance. The full-length gowns speak of earlier fashion eras, from the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and Jane Russell to Ann-Margaret, Barbra Streisand and Sophia Loren.

Nadia Martinez is the host for this episode of New York Fashion Week. She talks with Gerard Caruso, Global Director and Artistic Director for RUSK. The hairstylist describes his collaboration with Nolcha and how Nolcha helps promote independent designers like Danny Tabet showcase their creations.

The designer feels every person has an art form, a look that truly describes him or her. Peace, art, beauty, life and nature are themes he tries to bring forth with his creations. Textures, layers, shimmer and sheer fabrics highlighted with wild appeal infuse each garment.

The collection is truly flawless and utterly elegant so there isn’t one piece that stands out from the others. Some notables are the gold lame and Midnight Blue silk and satin gown with panels and textured bodice; Tuscan color, long-sleeved sheer taffeta gown with beads accented with sheer waist cape; sleeveless Silver and Timberwolf color fitted armure gown resplendent with small train; sleeveless Jet Black lace and beaded silk gown flaring slightly below the hip, with hints of the lined nylons so famous and hard to come by during World War II; floor-length Gold silk sleeveless evening gown with sheer bodice side panels, and geometric design; Licorice color bombazine and silk form-fitting long-sleeved gown with plunging neckline in a patchwork design; diaphanous Oxford Blue sleeveless gown, beaded and accented with sheer full-length wings, and; elegant Jet Black evening gown with resplendent with rhinestones and sheer accents.

Each garment was more amazing than the next, leaving viewers positively breathless with anticipation.


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