Cia Maritima Swimwear Designer Swimwear Runway Video

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami is the place to be! Cia Maritima Swimwear knows how to bring the noise to the runway in this highlight reel from Fashion One. As you will from the following screenshots, the Cia Maritima Swimwear line has plenty of revealing items for women who are not afraid to send the guys a tease and get those more private areas some sun rays! These exposee outfits are truly sexy, offering models and other women who are open to freeing themselves through style and fashion.

The main idea behind some of these items is to accentuate the breasts and provide excellent cleavage for both larger and smaller breasted women. The spaghetti straps don’t provide as much support for intense activities, but the directional design of the Cia Maritima Swimsuits are designed to fit the body snug. Some women may even be able to go down a size with these items as they seem to fit so well.

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The above piece is a classic bikini style that uses a neck-strap style that ruffles out to provide a wider cleavage area for all body types.





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The above picture showcasing another item from the Cia Maritima Swimwear line also includes wider cups, as seen above, for those women who enjoy covering up the cleavage a little more.  Note the brilliant tropical colors and string style design under the cups and the wider straps.


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This leopard print style, as seen above, offers women an extra option for sizing to get the fit just right with small adjustable strap clips above the cups.  This particular piece has an overlap design rather than a broad string design as previously illustrated, offering a more diverse option for ocean and water sports.  Larger women will enjoy this piece because of the extra support offered by the strap that goes around the back of the neck.


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Also included in the line were an array of dresses, sarongs, and beach silks that complemented the Cia Maritima Swimwear line quite smartly.  Notice the pink sarong shown above, and its length, which is longer than the standard size sarongs and can double as a beach blanket, silk tote-sac, sail, or towel!  What an amazing fashion piece from the Cia Maritima swimwear line.


To see all the items in the 2015 Cia Maritima Swimwear Mercedes Benz Fashion Show, just click play!



Join us as Fashion One features the runway of CM Cia Maritima during the MBFW Miami Swim 2015 held at the Cabana Grande of The Raleigh. Designer Benny Rosset created a collection that pars up to the previous collection offered by the label in every swimwear shows, thus it is the longest running label presenting for MBFW Swim season. For this year’s collection, CM Cia Maritima offered pieces in long-sleeved body suit with side cut-outs, printed crop top in long sleeves paired with a pencil skirt, surfer style zipper brief bottom and a tropical one-piece with an animal print pant, accessorized with a waist-tied yellow tropical blouse and a matching visor. Color palette used were yellow, pink orchid and orange.

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