Celebrity Sunglasses – Styles That Rock!

Paris Hilton

Celebrity sunglasses are definitely hot today on the fashion scene. You too, can savor the attention, style and glamour that this piece of eyewear can provide.

We love to keep a close watch on our favorite celebrities. Hollywood stars walking along that red carpet in their celebrity sunglasses – what a sight to see! A piece of eyewear can really make a big difference in establishing presence, personality and style.

The following outlines a list of what sunglasses your favorite celebrities prefer to wear. So take a close look at each one of them.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider star is often seen in aviator semi-rimless, double-bridged sunglasses. Angelina Jolie dons other eyewear styles as well, most of which are deeply dark, oversized sunglasses that emphasize her beautiful facial features and shape. Her sunglasses seem to create a sense of mystery along with style.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt He is often seen in movies and paparazzi shots donning aviator sunglasses. He is rather adventurous with sunglasses, wearing gradient lens glasses, even colored sunglasses.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton The world famous socialite and hotel heiress is much remembered with her oversized, colored sunglasses, often with gradient or mirrored lenses. She is often seen on TV in white sunglasses with thick frames. Her oversized glasses suit her long, oval face and her bold personality perfectly.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts Pretty Woman lead star, Julia Roberts, have a noticeable preference on square framed, straight top sunglasses which looks very well her thin triangular-shaped, beautiful face.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise This awesome action star of the century sported a number of sunglasses styles through the years. He is purported to be one of the reasons for the popularity of aviators back in the 80′s when he wore one for Top Gun. He is also regularly seen in Wayfarer style eyewear with its trapezoid-like plastic frame, which emphasizes his masculinity even more.

Celebrity sunglasses have definitely caught the attention of most people in this world, especially the fans. These movie stars set the popularity of distinct style of sunglasses ablaze. However, for the most part, these sunglasses worn by movie stars are luxury items that many people can’t afford to buy for their own because they cost too much. But nowadays, lots of replicas and cheap sunglasses are available worldwide. The main difference would be the quality and the price of such. Always remember that in buying sunglasses or even any accessories, what matters most is on how you carry yourself with it, not on how much it costs or on who wears those things.


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