How To Dress And Shop While On Vacation

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Photo Credit: Free People
Photo Credit: Free People

Photo Credit: Free People

Summer is officially here! And we all know what that means–it’s time for making our vacation planning dreams come true! With trends rapidly changing from summer to summer, there are some no-brainer pieces that we think you should all include in your fashion shopping so that you are perfectly packed for your summer getaway!

Vacation Shopping: Don’t Forget These 5 Pieces!

A White Tee.

There is something almost hypnotizing about a white tee (the color white in general) that can transform an outfit and give it an allover crisp, chic appeal. There are so many different versions of white tees that you can choose from whenever you are vacation shopping from sheer to polo, to cropped and pocketed–endless options!

Cutoff Jean Shorts.

These are just hot this season because they exude a sassy appeal that says “I don’t even try to look this cool.” You can easily make them yourself or shop for them at places like ASOS that have done the denim wearing for you.

A dress that goes from Beach to Night Out On The Town.

The whole point of a vacation is to relax and not be so fussy, so having a dress to bring with you that doubles as a beach coverup and then transforms to something you can pull your bikini off underneath and go straight out for dinner just makes things better. Try pieces from Steve Madden and Shoshanna to get your party started.

The perfect bikini.

This obviously goes without saying, but here is my main point: most people just throw their bathing suits from summer’s past into their suitcase and think they are ready to go—no! You need to buy at least one new one and make sure its hot. Period.

Aviator Sunglasses.

These are pretty much the only accessory (besides a hat and some sunscreen) you need while on vacation. Choose a great pair from Ray Ban and you are ready to go!

What are your vacation shopping essentials and why?


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